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PT Yunex Global Indonesia has been present more than 15 years and has been developed into a trusted partner and responsible for dental supply such as instrument, material and good related to the world of dentistry. Supported by enthusiasm and hard work, we have a vision to become a trusted dental supplier of leading dentistry instrument for all dentists in Indonesia.

We continuous to do our best so that our customers feel satisfied. Our selves are oriented towards customer satisfaction, providing quality product, increasing public awareness of the importance of dental and oral health including technological advancements.

PT Yunex Global Indonesia is committed to providing real result so that every dental health service can be provided throughout the community network or peoples. PT Yunex Global Indonesia is has also participated in various Seminars and support many hands on event, product information and other activities in Indonesia dentistry. In addition to focusing on the main goals of providing trusted services and responsibilities. We are be aware of the importance of realizing the dream of Indonesian dentistry to be better than before. We express our gratitude for the cooperation, support from the customers for their trust in our company and products so far.
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L'avenue Office Tower, Lantai 12, Unit D, Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu, Pancoran, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12780 - Indonesia
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+62 813 8090 0594
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Why Choose Dentalku.Com?

Why Choose Dentalku Quality kirii
1. Comfortable used
2. Registered - AKL
Why Choose Dentalku Satifiscation tghh
1. Easy booking, and
2. Help you for your job with our product

Why Choose Dentalku Best Price Guarantee kanan
Best Price Guarantee
Our reasonable prices made thousands of people smile with a new, beautiful smile, as never before! because after sale services and best product for Dentistry.
Yunex future’s vision is:
1. Be No. 1 of Korea’s dental supplier in Indonesia.
2. Be the first dental supplier for Instrument dental product in Indonesia
3. Be happy company for our employees

"We always deliver more expected for business both large and small"

Yunex future’s mision is:
1. Provide and prepare all aspects of dental equipment at a perfect level
2. Providing the best service oriented to customers needs
3. Develop a competent team by creating a good work environment to achieve service
4. Quality standards & customer satisfaction

“We provide affordable prices and good service quality“
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Quality Service & Product
We provides various types of dentist needs. You can find a variety of instruments, materials and dentist support tools. and we provide affordable prices and good service quality.
If you want to order directly, please choose one of our marketing teams according to your domicile or clinic.

Dental & Product News

News & Career Efficacy of Flowable Geltype EDTA at Removing the Smear Layer and Inorganic Debris under Manual Dynamic ActivationEfficacy of Flowable Gel-type EDTA at Removing the Smear Layer and Inorganic Debris under Manual Dynamic Activation
Conclusions: Our results suggest that the newly introduced gel-type EDTA might be an acceptable irrigant for removing the smear layer and inorganic debris present on the root canal wall. (J Endod 2013;39:910– 914)
News & Career Waktu terbaik untuk memakai benang gigiWaktu terbaik untuk memakai benang gigi
Benang gigi (dental floss) sekarang ini dianggap sebagai alat pembersih gigi tambahan selain sikat gigi. Biasanya benang gigi ini digunakan setelah menyikat gigi atau saat Anda tak mungkin menyikat gigi.

News & Career Penderita HIVAIDS rentan alami gangguan gigi dan mulutPenderita HIV/AIDS rentan alami gangguan gigi dan mulut
Penderita HIV/AIDS akan mudah terinfeksi beragam penyakit. Hal ini karena virus HIV menyerang sel T jenis tertentu yang dikela dengan sel CD4.

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